2.2 Secondary statistical analyses

In addition to developing industry skilled personnel analyses based on company surveys, analysing and preparing user-oriented secondary statistical labour market data are an important basis for the planned newsletters, technical discussions and providing impulses for implementing the developed recommendations for action. The secondary statistical labour market analyses serve as an industry and professional illustration of labour market developments and, taking the company surveys into account, provide information on the ratio of labour supply and demand.

The analysis of labour market statistics from the Federal Employment Office incorporates the industry branches and –departments of the metal- and electrical-, hospitality-, and food industry in accordance with the direction of the project. Occupational labour market data from the Federal Employment Office is analysed in order to illustrate the skilled personnel situation in the typical professions of the respective industries.

In addition to the secondary statistical analysis reports TGS will be publishing detailed and continuously updated industry and occupational labour market data under the category "Statistics".

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